About Our Company's President

G W. Taylor





The President and Founder is  a recognized former Law Enforcement Professional who has dedicated his life to the reduction of crime and the safety and security of the public and Private sector.

His experiences over the years are immense, having served with the Jamaica Constabulary Force for a period of twelve years and contracted to the Royal Cayman Island Police for a further eight years.

During his tenure he has acquired training in the field of S.W.A.T. Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Interviewing Techniques,Crime Scene Photography,Documentation of injuries as a result of assaults or damages to property. Currently he is a licensed Private Investigator who approaches each case with the dedication and professionalism as required by Law Enforcement.

On migrating to the United States he has dedicated his  time to the training and developing of Security Officers in order improve the Industry and in an effort to reduce  the negative image the Public has on Security Officers.