Jampol Protective Services Inc. is a locally owned and operated Security Agency, based in South Florida and services the Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach County areas. We offer an array of security guard services, specializing in Uniform Officers, Loss Prevention Officers, Event and Parking Lot Management, Residential and Commercial Security, Temporary and Permanent Contracts, Mobile Fingerprinting, Private Investigation and photography.
Employee Training At JamPol Protective Services Inc. each employee obtains continued practical and Theory training in security concepts, First Aid, Self Defense techniques, Investigative techniques, Observations, Customer Services, Loss Prevention Techniques, Report writing, Casefile preparation etc.- Together We Aspire, We Achieve
Employee Expectations At JamPol Protective Services inc. our Officers are expected to be versatile and able to handle various situation with the Professionalism that is set out by the Agency to provide all the desired services requested by our Clients. Additionally, we emphasize continual training to ensure that the Agency maintains each personnel capability on the same standard.- Together We Aspire, We Achieve
Our Core Values Our Clients are valued to us and as a result we adopt the common values of: Providing timely feedback and communicate with clarity and facts.:- We respond to questions as soon as the appropriate information is collected and not look for or assume motives beyond those stated by others. Commitment:- We demonstrate personal commitment to continuous learning and upgrading our skills and accept responsibility to continuous improvement. - Together We Aspire, We Achieve